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Multi-Layered Cushioned Technology

California Sports Surfaces is the established industry leader with acrylic, high-performance, comfortable sport surfaces that serve a variety of professional, collegiate, and recreational sports. With vibrant, decorative colors and advanced cushioned technology, the market has expanded beyond just sports to installations such as parks and playgrounds, exercise rooms, amenity centers, government facilities, and more. Manufactured, durable acrylic surfaces with resilient multi-layered cushions designed to reduce the pressure put on an athlete’s body from vigorous game play. The advanced technology is truly special because, despite the increase in comfort and safety, there is absolutely no compromise to the natural bounce of the game.

Select a System

PSC Color Hardcourt
The world’s best athletes recognize the quality Premier Sports Coatings brings to the sports and recreation industry. With state-of-the-art, cushioned, crack proof, maintenance free surfaces, and bright, palette-pleasing colors to choose from, our courts are a popular choice for the world’s most recognized events.

PSC Cushion
An all-weather cushioned sports surface that can be overlaid onto hard courts with either asphalt or concrete. The patented manufactured composite, which when combined with standard acrylic recreational coating, creates the Premier Sports Coatings.

PSC Premier Court
Replacing cracked or worn court can be easy with PSC Premier Court. Designed to overlay existing cracked asphalt, PSC Premier Court helps prevent issues for years to come.