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Vermont Tennis Court Surfacing utilizes the latest techniques and the finest materials to keep your surface playable and looking attractive. There are a variety of crack repair methods. There are short term fixes and there are long term solutions. Cracks are a common occurrence here in New England ranging from hair line to structural cracking. VTCS can provide solutions to all types of cracks.

Hair Line Cracks

Hair line cracks happen in many different lengths. The cause of this type of cracking can be from factors such as foreign matter (worms, leaves, pine needles and clay) improper mix design, solvent type coatings and improper seal coats. One way to slow the cracking and maintain the problem is to use a rubberized crack filler which is designed for cracks that are a 1/4″ or less in width. This type of cracking can develop into significant types of cracks such as structural which would require more intensive maintenance.

Structural Cracks

This type of cracking is usually because of a failure in the sub-base. There are several possible methods of repair depending on the extent or severity of the cracks and an evaluation of the site to determine which method suits the type of crack. One method is to clean then fill the crack with an acrylic latex patch. When hard a rubberized crack filler is used before any color coating is applied. This method is a short term solution and will probably only last a year or so.

A much longer-term solution is the RiteWay Crack Repair System. This system is applied after the crack has been cleaned and filled with the proper materials and fully cured. The RiteWay Crack Repair System uses an Exclusive technology to waterproof existing cracks with an overlay system. By preventing water from penetrating into the newly repaired crack, the deterioration of that crack is significantly reduced. Thus, the long-term success of the new repair is assured.

The RiteWay Crack Repair System is a repair that is easily and quickly installed and coated with standard tennis court acrylic coatings.