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If you are considering a new tennis court, Vermont Tennis Court Surfacing can design and build your tennis court from start to finish. With over 50 years of experience, we pay close attention to the details of constructing a quality tennis court, such as orientation, slope and drainage, fencing, lighting and coating.

Size and space for new tennis courts

A standard tennis court for doubles play measures 60′ x 120′ from fence to fence. Two court batteries are 108′ x 120′. An additional 48′ of width is required for every additional court.

Total cleared space, however varies depending upon the site, drainage needs, landscaping and so on. You’ll need a minimum of 5′ around the entire court perimeter. A steeply sloped site requires more clearing to allow for natural sloping around the court. Additional space is needed for special drains, elaborate landscaping or patios.

Tennis courts can be smaller than these dimensions, but since the playing lines for doubles are always 36′ x 78′, undersizing compromises safety and quality of play.

How should I site my tennis court?

If possible a tennis court is situated as close to true north-south as possible.

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Tennis Court Reconstruction

If your court has more than a few minor cracks, resurfacing will not provide a permanent cure. However, cracks are prevalent in the majority of courts in the US, and the cost of major reconstruction is prohibitive. Resurfacing, when looked at as maintenance rather than a permanent cure, is the most cost effective method of restoration. In any given year, only a very small percentage of court owners are able to afford major reconstruction work.

The extent of work your court needs when it comes to reconstruction will depend on how well it was built originally. Some courts can get by with a new lift of asphalt overlay on top of the existing layer of asphalt. Others may need all the old asphalt removed or pulverized and additional gravel installed to insure a long lasting, quality court. Each court’s needs will be different and on-site investigation will be necessary in order to determine the best course of action.

The PREMIER COURT® option should be considered when thinking about reconstruction. PREMIER COURT® comes with a 25 year warranty and gives you a cushioned acrylic surface which is easy to play on and maintain. Projects which opt to use PREMIER COURT® take a fraction of the time to complete. Most projects can be completed in weeks where major reconstruction projects take months. For more information on PREMIER COURT® you can go to our partners page for Premier Courts’s web site.